Melanie Atha - Advocating for Peace (Part 1)

You’ve likely heard someone say that “the only people who ‘win’ in litigation are the attorneys.” While the right to go to court will always remain an important part of our civil justice system, if you’ve been involved in litigation yourself you may understand why “winning” doesn’t always provide a clear victory, for anyone involved. There’s no question litigation will continue to dictate the outcome for many difficult to resolve matters, but it’s important to know about the potential for other less adversarial ways of resolving disputes as well - especially when there’s more than just money at stake. In a collaborative approach to resolving disputes, the lawyers for each side sign an agreement promising they won’t represent the parties if the matter goes to court. The parties also pledge to pursue an open process with their lawyers (and sometimes other professionals acting as neutral experts) with the mutual desire to reach a resolution that brings true closure to the issues they are facing together. In this episode we’ll discuss how this process works, and why it often leads to transformational experiences for everyone involved.

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Jason Pierce - A Balanced Perspective on Youth Sports

American families spend $15.3 billion on youth sports activities, an amount that has literally doubled in the last 10 years. A family’s investment in youth athletics can often represent as much as 10% or more of a family’s income. Given these numbers, it may come as no surprise that more kids are placed onto “travel” and “select” teams than ever before. Year-round specialization and private training have become the norm in many communities, and the market incentives driving what has become known as the “youth sports industrial complex” show no signs of slowing.

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Working Your Goals to Achievement

I got a lot of positive feedback from the New Year’s show, which was the first non-interview episode. I’ll be continuing with interviews, but that feedback also made me realize that people appreciate thoughtful content even without a guest on the show. In that same feedback I got a lot of questions that mostly centered around one topic: moving beyond goal setting to goal accomplishment.

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US Air Force Surgeon General Mark Ediger - Lessons From 32 Years in Public Service

I was so thankful that General Ediger, who retired just last year after 32 years in the military, agreed to be interviewed for the podcast to discuss a distinguished career spanning six administrations. We had a great conversation about everything from combat medicine advancements to tips on leadership, and even some quick advice on staying healthy and fit. His rise to the top of medical leadership in the United States Air Force, from joining as a reservist to eventually becoming the Air Force Surgeon General, was (as he explains) the result of a quest for life-long learning, staying open to new experiences and opportunities, and building strong relationships with solid mentors.

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Bonus New Years Episode: Screen Time, Social Media, Podcasting, and How to Get Your Bearings

In this bonus episode, Joseph and I discussed:

  • Ways to more thoughtfully approach “screen time” and social media, including specific apps and methods for nudging things in the right direction for families and people concerned with the issue

  • A broad look at podcasting including software, gear, hosting, and other advice (including an 8-step general process for anyone looking to get started with a podcast in 2019)

  • Practical approaches to getting your bearings and discovering purpose before setting goals and resolutions

  • We also briefly reviewed the high points of initial episodes of the podcast from 2018

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Peter Ostebo - Finding Your Creative Voice

All great writers have a “voice” - a way of expressing the written word in a way that is immediately recognizable as their own. Finding and harnessing your creative voice, in any art form, allows for the expression of emotional authenticity that leads to a true connection with the audience. For many people who make their living creatively, however, that’s easier said than done. After all, where exactly does that unique voice come from, and how can it be expressed “on-demand,” not just when inspiration strikes?

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Jessica Dupuy - the Passion Driven Purpose Behind Great Food and Wine

Great artists and artisans are driven by a passion that expresses itself from within. In the case of world class food, wine, and even hospitality, we get to experience the results of that passion in a tangible way that involves all five senses. Yet, when sitting down for a meal or opening a bottle of wine it can be easy to take for granted the talent, work, and drive that culminated in that moment. Discovering and presenting the stories of great chefs, winemakers, distillers, and restauranteurs, is what drives the literary work and honest, journalistic approach of today’s podcast guest.

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Fraser Pajak - Trust Based Leadership

Leadership as a topic has been written about and discussed ad nauseam, yet good leadership remains elusive for so many organizations and teams. How can the subject of such exhaustive research and discussion continue to be the glaring root cause of business failures, mission-killing morale problems, and weak vision at the top of otherwise strong organizations? Perhaps it’s because talking about optimal leadership will never replace the disciplined practice of good leadership. That’s why for today’s episode on leadership, I wanted to talk to someone who has actually walked the walk of trust based leadership to peel back the layers on what works, and what doesn’t.

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Jay Papasan - Figuring Out Your "One Thing"

It was almost called the “success habit.” Instead, Jay Papasan and Gary Keller released their popular book on purpose driven productivity as The ONE Thing, which went on to sell over 1.3 million copies worldwide, made 400 appearances on national bestseller lists (including # 1 on The Wall Street Journal’s hardcover business list), and was translated into 30 different languages.

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Dave Klug - the Challenging Process of Keeping us Safe

In today’s episode, we dive deep into the purpose behind the processes involved in keeping our communities safe. Today’s 24-hour news cycle and the proliferation of citizen video journalism has allowed an ever-closer view into the outwardly visible world of police officers like never before, but the average citizen remains unaware of the processes, rationale, and training that inform and dictate how our police departments respond to today’s critical incidents.

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Jim Flores and Lee Rothenflue - Storytelling Through Film

Austin’s film industry really is full of talented, hard-working, independent people. I had the pleasure of sitting down with two of them just one week before the Austin Film Festival - Jim Flores (cinematographer) and Lee Rothenflue (Producer/Post-Editor) gave us their impromptu thoughts about the “work” of storytelling through film in general, and what it’s like to make movies in Austin, specifically.

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