“Where do you get the time to do that?” I hear that question at least once a week. I’m into a lot of things, and always up for the next adventure. I am driven by a belief that living life to the fullest is what we’re meant to do. I am blessed with the most supportive and loving wife a guy like me could ever have. Thank you, honey.

I live in Austin, Texas. Back when I moved my family here people questioned why…but about 10 years later they stopped asking, and it seems like most of them moved here too. It’s still a great place to live, despite the growth and all that comes with it.

What I do. I’ve done a few things for money, many things for fun, and some things for both. I make a living (while sometimes having fun) as a business attorney and mediator. As a business lawyer, I enjoy serving interesting (and fun) people who are passionate about fulfilling their own unique designs. As a mediator, I like to help well-intentioned parties gain clarity about their respective interests, and (optimally) salvage their relationships. I have fun traveling with my wife and kids, writing, playing guitar, bowhunting, and by talking with interesting people about the “why” behind their “what” for my Purpose in the Process podcast.

What I care most about. Living life “with” the creator of an awesome universe one intentional moment at a time, making a positive difference in the daily lives of my wife and kids, enjoying being present in authentic relationships with friends and family, and helping anyone understand anything that will broaden their perspective and/or make their life even incrementally better.