“Where do you get the time to do that?” I hear that question at least once a week - I guess because I’m into a lot of things. I am driven by my belief that living life to the fullest is what we’re all meant to do. There aren’t many things I’m not fascinated by, want to learn more about, or experience. Oh…and there’s the fact that I am blessed with the most supportive and loving wife a guy like me could ever have. Thank you, honey.

I live in Austin, Texas. Yes, it’s a great place to live. No, it’s not that great. You are probably totally fine where you are, and you don’t need to move here. If that was enough to convince you, then you probably should think twice about it. If not, then I’ll see you when you get here!

What I do. I’ve done a few things for money, many things for fun, and some things for both. I make a living (while sometimes having fun) as a business attorney and mediator - my only professional goal with law and mediation is to merge the fun and the money at least 90% of the time - I’m getting there. I also have fun writing (for screen), playing guitar (currently Spanish classical and Hawaiian slack key), and by talking with interesting people about the “why” behind their “what” for my Purpose in the Process podcast.

What I care most about. Living life “with” the creator of this awesome universe one intentional moment at a time, making a positive difference in the daily lives of my wife and kids, being truly present in authentic relationships with friends and family, and helping anyone understand anything that will make their lives even incrementally better.

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