Jim Flores and Lee Rothenflue - Storytelling Through Film

Austin’s film industry really is full of talented, hard-working, independent people. I had the pleasure of sitting down with two of them just one week before the Austin Film Festival. Jim Flores (cinematographer) and Lee Rothenflue (Producer/Post-Editor) gave us their impromptu thoughts about the “work” of storytelling through film in general, and what it’s like to make movies in Austin, specifically. Whether you’re considering a career in filmmaking or are just curious about what goes on behind the camera and on a set, this episode of the podcast offers an informative and yet informal look at what it really takes to be part of getting a film, commercial, or any kind of video production made.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What filmmakers look for in a production crew

  • How to get started in the industry, and how to earn a good reputation

  • Should you go to film school?

  • The importance of trusting the process (and who you work with) in any collaborative art form

  • The unsung heroes: all those people in the credits

  • The importance of staying focused on the story being told

  • How it all starts with writing…or it doesn’t!

  • What makes Austin a truly unique place to work in the film industry

I hope you enjoy this show as we reveal the purpose in the process of storytelling through film!

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lee headshot 2018.jpeg

Lee Rothenflue

Producer & Post Supervisor

Check out his work at http://www.cuttoblack.com

Jim B&W-2723.jpg

Jim Flores

Cinematographer & Director of Photography

You can see Jim’s current reel at http://www.jimflores.com

Links and More Information on this Topic:

Lee Rothenflue is an Austin, Texas-based Producer and Editor with over 18 years of experience in film and video production.  He has thousands of hours in producing and post-production ranging in scope in the narrative, commercial and documentary storytelling formats. Lee has experience overseeing the production and post production of many different types of film and video projects, including feature films, documentaries, corporate promos, and commercials. He has worked with clients like Charles Schwab, Google, Red Bull, Seton Hospital, the Tiger Woods Foundation and PetSmart, among others. His attention to the specific needs of every project and creative ability helps projects finish on time, within budget, and beyond expectations.

Jim Flores is a Cinematographer who believes nothing captures emotion like the moving image and that serves it’s ultimate purpose... storytelling. With fourteen years experience, he brings creative and technical expertise to every project and feeds his visual passion through commercials, narrative storytelling, documentaries, and corporate branding. Jim has had several award winning projects and his work has been broadcast on NBC Sports, ESPN, GAC, and PBS. Recently Jim had a short film selected as one of 6 films for the Houston Film Commission’s Texas Filmmaker’s Showcase as well as winning a Silver Addy Award for Best Cinematography for a branding film he DP’d. He has worked for major brands including Accenture, Verizon, Buick, MasterCard, LG, HP, Dell, Samsung, Charles Schwab, NBC Sports, ESPN as well as regional brands and non-profits. Jim grew up in Daytona Beach, FL, which is also known as “The Worlds Most Famous Beach”, and he now resides in Austin, TX with his wife and daughter.

The Austin Film Festival just celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. Industry professionals and film aficionados from all over the country come together for conference panels and discussions, as well as competitions for screenwriting, teleplays, playwriting, digital series, fiction podcasts, and even films! Jim was a cinematographer on Texas Cotton, which Lee also edited, a feature that was selected to screen at AFF.

Jim mentioned his recent work behind the camera for this awesome music video for the song Daylight, by Blue October.

Lee made reference to the “hero’s journey” in the context of storytelling, which is a reference to the well known Joseph Campbell book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” Highly recommended reading for anyone interested in telling stories of any kind!

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Jim Flores (center) and Lee Rothenflue (right) share their experiences working in the Austin film industry

Jim Flores (center) and Lee Rothenflue (right) share their experiences working in the Austin film industry