Peter Ostebo - Finding Your Creative Voice

All great writers have a “voice” - a way of expressing the written word in a way that is immediately recognizable as their own. Finding and harnessing your creative voice, in any art form, allows for the expression of emotional authenticity that leads to a true connection with the audience. For many people who make their living creatively, however, that’s easier said than done. After all, where exactly does that unique voice come from, and how can it be expressed “on-demand,” not just when inspiration strikes?

Screenwriter Peter Ostebo, a 2017 Nichols Fellowship quarter-finalist, is discovering and learning to rely on structured processes that allow for professional consistency and collaboration, while still expressing the distinct voice that gained him attention in the first place. In today’s episode, Peter answers my questions about some of those processes, and walks us through a few of the ways he has learned to overcome the challenges that all writers and creatives face.

Peter and I talked about:

  • Creative collaboration, and the importance of staying true to an original vision

  • Tapping into creative energy and discovering your own voice

  • The importance of connecting with an audience by first feeling what you want them to feel

  • Getting past procrastination and fear

  • Tips for getting motivated, and approaching writing as a professional

  • Structuring and outlining in the midst of developing story and characters

  • Set-ups, pay-offs, and exposing the “world” of a script

  • Getting the first draft done, then knowing what to take out

  • The importance of feedback and notes

  • Why there’s actually no such thing as a bad script

This is a great episode for anyone interested in learning more about connecting with their own creative voice, and reaching any audience in a more authentic, personal way. We also covered a few craft questions and tips that any screenwriter will appreciate hearing more about. I hope you enjoy!

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Peter Ostebo is a video and film producer in Austin TX. Currently he is the lead video producer for marketing at Fjord and Accenture. With over ten years of experience, he has worked on numerous projects that have gained world wide attention.

Additionally, he is an avid screenwriter, working on numerous short films, feature films, and TV pilots. He has also edited short films that have played major film festivals nationwide.

Peter’s script After the Invasion, gained attention after reaching the 2017 quarter finals of the Nichol Fellowship screenwriting contest of the Academy of Motion Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

You can connect with Peter on Instagram and Twitter (@peterostebo) and check out what he’s up to on his website: