Will Blackman - Staying in the Moment

My friend Will Blackman returns to help kick-off the second season of the podcast and give us an update. For his first visit, go check out Episode 19!

In this episode, Will and I discussed:

  • What Will has learned about the importance of staying in the moment - and how continuously returning to prayer throughout the day can help exercise that muscle

  • Taking refuge within, despite “the shuffling of plates"

  • How does Will feel about Viktor Frankl’s charge that we should strive to live in a manner “worth” our suffering?

  • Learning to accept and embrace love (from both God and people)

  • Viktor Frankl’s view on religion being for the salvation of the soul, while logotherapy is for healing. Does God have a real place in our lives if we truly believe we can heal ourselves?

  • How constant distraction by the physical can starve us from experiencing the spiritual

  • The importance of making room to listen for God

I hope you enjoy our conversation about the purpose in the process of staying in the moment!


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